Privacy Information:

Privacy Policy

MadFerret Media

Collection and Use of Personal Data

As part of our commitment to providing a quality service it is necessary for us to maintain files pertaining to your equipment rental.  Mad Ferret Media will only collect personal data that is needed to identify you to provide an accurate service.  If you do not provide us with relevant information, it may affect our ability to provide an accurate and timely service.  Mad Ferret Media is committed to making sure that the personal information it collects is complete and up to date, so we will check with you from time to time if any details have changed.

We require information so that we can:

•Identify you, your business or relevant staff

•Establish your requirements and provide products and services

•Manage your requirements

•Understand your needs and improve our products and services

The files contain the following types of information (but not limited to):

•Personal details (your name, business name, address, phone contact, names of other staff who are allowed to make orders, credit card details

•Details of your equipment rental

The information held about you is provided by you or arises as a consequence of information provided by you during our interactions.

Security of Data

Your file is handled with the utmost respect for your privacy.  Our computer files are only accessed by staff with a password.  Any paper files are dealt with securely .  The file will be accessed by various staff in our business as required to process your rental.

Business files need to be kept by law for at least seven years after which time we will destroy paper files by secure shredding and securely delete any electronic files.

Release of Personal Information

We will not release your information to any third party without your express permission.  However there may be occasions where we will be required to release information from your file irrespective of whether your consent to the disclosure of the information is given.  This will occur where the law requires disclosure, such as pursuant to a subpoena.

Access to Personal Information

We advise that as a customer of ours you have the right to access any information we hold concerning you.  Should you wish to access this information please send us your request in writing.