Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rental period?

1-3 days  – daily rate for each day of hire

4-7 days – 4 x daily rate

8-9 days – 5 x daily rate

10 – 11 days – 6 x daily rate

12 – 14 days – 7 x daily rate

15 – 17 days – 8 x daily rate

18 – 21 dys – 9 x daily rate

22 – 30 days – 10 x daily rate

*Same day hire: 1 Day rental charge

Delivery, must be returned by close of business. Can not be combined with any other special or discount. Please make sure you mention this offer when placing your order.

Currently we only do delivery, no pick ups available.
We can do same day delivery anywhere within the Greater Sydney region
To return the items please contact us as soon as you have a confirmed time for the courier to collect the item and we will get a collection booked in.


1 day is delivery after 2pm on day 1 and return up to 11am on day 3.

2 day hire is from after 2pm on day 1 until 11am on day 4.

1 week is from 2pm on day 1 until 11am on day 8,

Weekend Hire is from 2pm on Friday and return on 11am Monday.

Extension to the above is in agreement with Mad Ferret Media only.

Late returns will be charged in half day increments from 12pm on day of return for every 12 hours (i.e. half a day). Items due to be returned on friday must be returned by 7pm otherwise a 1 day charge will be incurred for the weekend and half day increments as before from monday 12pm

If an item is due to be returned on a public holiday, than this day will not to be charged. If the public holiday is included within the rental term, charges will be as per normal hire rates.

What is included within the hire price?

Rental of chosen equipment, a 10% damage waiver and 10% GST

What’s included within a camera kit?

Camera body, 2  batteries, 1 charger, 1 SD card, 1 card reader, and 2  tethering cable

How do I make a booking?
  1. To order please give us a call on +61 431 629 211 or email us at info@MadFerretMedia.com. Please include contact details such as your contact number, email address etc
  2. Mad Ferret Media will email you a final estimate (including any delivery fees)
  3. Reply to email to confirm booking. If paying by EFT, a copy of the remittance confirmation must be included for confirmation of order.
  4. Once payment has been processed or confirmed by remittance, your order will be confirmed. MadFerretMedia will email you a Tax Invoice/Receipt.
Can I make changes to my order once it has been submitted?

Please give us a call on +61 431 629 211 or email us at info@MadFerretMedia.com.

Where are you located?

As yet we do not operate a bricks and mortar store, We do hope to open one in the future, please join our mailing list to be on of the first notified when this happens.

Can you deliver?

Yes we can. For rentals over $250.00 we will offer complimentary delivery to locations within 20km from Sydney CBD. For places further away we can arrange a delivery quote for you.

I won’t be at the location, can the delivery be left there?

No. All orders require a direct signature. Please plan accordingly if you cannot be at the location to sign for it. We do ship to places of employment.

I’d like to take your equipment overseas. Is this OK? Is there a surcharge for this?

Yes, it is OK – our gear likes a good holiday! and no, there’s no surcharge. We do recommend you to get a proper travel insurance though.
Also we do ask that you inform us beforehand and get written permission from us.

What if I find my product is not working when I go to use it?

Email us or call us immediately and we will assess the situation. If we find a piece of equipment faulty we will replace the equipment immediately (stock allowing). If the timing of your needing the equipment does not work out we will refund the rental price and delivery/shipping costs once we have made absolutely sure that there was a problem. We will never knowingly send out a lens that has any scratches on the front or rear elements, however some minor scuffing on the body or lens hood might appear, but nothing that will affect image quality. If you contact us and advise at the end of your rental period that the product is not working, you will not be eligible a refund.

What if I ordered the wrong product?

If by chance you ordered the wrong product item call us or email us and we will work with you on a solution. Full refunds cannot be given, however we will try to swap/replace it for you. Your rental period for the new item will start when the new product item is dispatched from our premises. All products are inspected and cleaned prior to shipment.

What if I damage the equipment?

Let us know immediately. All Equipment hired from Mad Ferret Media must be returned complete and undamaged. Any lost, unreturned, or damaged equipment will be charged to the hirer. All, or part of the security deposit paid by the Hirer will be used to replace or repair the equipment. Where the cost of repair or replacement of equipment exceeds the deposit amount, the Hirer will be charged in full for all repairs or replacement costs.

What does the damage waiver include?

The damage waiver includes but not limited to accidental damage and theft of a properly cared for item, theft from an unattended, unsecured bag will not be covered, theft from an unattended vehicle will also not be covered. Damage arising from negligence, wilful damage or ignorance of equipment operation will also not be covered

If an item is stolen please report it to the police immediately and Mad Ferret Media ASAP and also provide Mad Ferret Media with a copy of the police report

How can you tell the lens or body was not damaged during shipment or prior to?

All of our products are inspected and cleaned prior to shipment. We will never knowingly send out a lens that has any scratches on the front or rear elements. Most lenses and bodies are shipped in a well-packed shipping box/bag. The lenses and bodies are packed with great care. If your box arrives damaged use discretion. If you do not feel comfortable DO NOT SIGN FOR IT. If you do sign for it and the box is damaged please get a photo of the box before opening. If the box was somehow mishandled please note it and document it for yourself and us.

Do you charge deposit or pre-authorize credit card?

We do take some time to verify our customers and if you are a new customer we do reserve the right to charge a part of or the whole deposit. We will advise you about that within 24hrs from your first enquiry.

As much as we trust you – the photographers, we need to protect ourselves too. The security deposit is made in the form of a credit card authorisation. There will be a freeze put on your credit card for the period of your first time hire. The freeze will be taken off once the gear is returned.

Your credit card and one form of ID (such as a drivers license) will be scanned for our records. We take Visa, and Mastercard credit cards for the security deposit. Rental and Deposit payments must be made in full before the goods leave the premise.

How can I pay? Do you accept credit cards?

We do accept credit cards, Paypal, and bank transfer (Visa and Mastercard with no additional surcharge, we do not accept American Express or cheques). If you’d like to use any other method, please let us know.  Payment is to be made in Australian dollars in advance – prior to delivery or courier.

If you happen to extend the hire of the equipment, please let us know and we will run the payment immediately.

Do you offer insurance?

No, not at this stage. We do recommend that your insurance policy covers the hire of equipment
Our damage waiver does cover some situations, please appraise your self of these.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We understand your jobs, assignments, shoots can get postponed or cancelled. Please let us know as soon as you find out. There’s no fee for cancellations over 3 days prior to the hire. If you do cancel between 72 and 24 hours prior to your collection day, you will be charged 50% of the total. For cancellation within 24 hours, you will be charged for the full amount as per your booking.  As you were nice enough to tell us, we are nice enough for you to use this fee against your next hire if it comes within 3 months from the cancellation.

If you do not collect your items without informing us, you will be charged for the full amount as per booking, and this amount will not be credited for future bookings.

What if I’m running late?

lPlease give us a call on +61 431 629 211 or email us at info@MadFerretMedia.com. If you return the equipment late and fail to let us know/extend the hire, you will be charged in half day increments from 12pm on day of return for every 12 hours.

Do you run client’s or credit accounts?

No, not at this stage.

What do I need to make a hire?

You will need to book the equipment you wish to use (we recommend at least 2 weeks out) and supply us with a completed application form.
First time hires will attract a deposit of part or all of the equipment replacement cost

Can I speak to someone at Mad Ferret Media?

Please give us a call on +61 431 629 211 or email us at info@MadFerretMedia.com.

What are the Terms & Conditions?

For our full terms and conditions click here

I need a copy of my receipt/invoice.

Please give us a call on +61 431 629 211 or email us at info@MadFerretMedia.com.

What if I need a piece of equipment that is not listed?

We love to hear what equipment you want. Please give us a call on +61 431 629 211 or email us at info@MadFerretMedia.com.

In the instance of a discrepancy between these answers and our Terms & Conditions, the Terms and Conditions take precedence.