Account Application:

To be able to rent from us, we need to collect some details about yourself and your company including:

* First and last name, or Business name and Primary contact

* Contact email address

* Phone number (ideally both land line and mobile)

* Address

* Proof of address, such as a utility bill or bank statement

* Photo ID such as license, proof of age card or Passport

* Credit Card

Please fill in the below form and send it to prior to confirming your gear. Please attach scanned copies of original proof of address and photo ID. (NB its in your best interest to make these the best quality you are able, poor quality copies may be rejected)

When you confirm the equipment we will capture your credit card details for the deposit (we don’t actually take any money, it simply gets “held” in the account against the need to charge it). We retain these details securely on file in case the need arises to charge it in the future (if we need to charge, we will let you know before and allow the opportunity for you to provide alternative payment methods).

Find our account application form here